Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Magnet t-shirt adult

These t-shirts have a line of our popular pregnant and breastfeeding fridge magnets from Brazil displayed on them.

See pictures in the Virtual Shop at:

Give your views and experience of the t-shirts here.

And if you have any pictures of the t-shirts being worn which we can add to this page (and possibly use in our promotions) please send them to Mike Brady.

We are also looking for a better name for these t-shirts. Suggestions welcome.


Anonymous said...

I'd buy these if there were a nursing version. My baby is a verrrrry frequent feeder so I just can't get away with normal tops. Why don't you produce a nursing version?

Anonymous said...

My sentiments exactly - I did get the t-shirt but found it so annoying trying to feed my baby in a sling... aaah! It's all for breastfeeding protection so the neckline needs to be BREASTLINE!! :) X