Thursday, August 23, 2007

Reusable shopping bags

You can find the range of reusable, Fair Trade cotton shopping bags with Nestlé boycott logos at:

Leave comments on what you think of them and if you want to send a picture of you out and about with yours for posting here (and possibly using to promote the bags) please email Mike Brady.

Here's one of Campaigns Coordinator, Mike Brady, with volunteer, Jilna Shah.

Reusable boycott bags


Anonymous said...

hi this is a good idea but what did nestle do that is so bad they just make instant afordable coffee

Mike Brady said...

Try clicking the link to the Baby Milk Action website.

Caroline said...

PLEASE can more of these bags be available? I'm dying to order one for myself and for friends as gifts. Any idea when new ones will become available?

Anonymous said...

iwould love one of these shopping bags to help get the word out