Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Infant feeding and obesity poster

You can download a sample pdf and order a printed version at:

Give your views and experiences of the posters here.

If you have images that you think may be suitable for us to use on a future poster, please let us know.


Anonymous said...

I have a shop stocking breastfeeding aids and products ( medela pumps, my brest friend feeding pillow etc) in an area of town being targetted for healthy eating programmes, so it is with interest that I have investigated this poster. However- I am disappointed with it- it speaks to the converted!
can we have a simple image, less text and scientific research and more eye catching/ witty something along the lines of the Irn Bru ad a couple of years ago to appeal to the young women and mums of my area- by the way, these are your target market!

Mike Brady said...

That's an intersting comment Imogen, but you are talking about a different poster for a different purpose. It is good you checked the scan on the site before ordering.

This poster was originally designed for an international meeting on obesity to ensure the importance of breastfeeding was considered. Too often the role of breastfeeding in reducing obesity is not high on the agenda or on it at all.

This poster is useful for health workers, in health settings and as a reference to the studies and key facts.

If you have bought it, how are you using yours?

And would you be interested in a poster of the type Imogen describes?