Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Baby at the breast t-shirt

See pictures in the Virtual Shop at:

Give your views and experience of the t-shirts here.

And if you have any pictures of the t-shirts being worn which we can add to this page (and possibly use in our promotions) please send them to Mike Brady.


Anonymous said...

I am a breastfeeding counsellor &
i have two "baby at breast" t shirts, I love em,
Wear them to church the other day and loved explaining what Baby milk Action meant.
I will wear them when I Co run a breastfeeding support grp ,and when I work voluntary on maternity ward.
going to get the other tshirt with the row of b/fg mums on.

Anonymous said...

Love the design, shame the style isn't so easy to actually feed with.
Will be wearing it for my trips to see the health visitor and my mother and baby group this week :)

Anonymous said...

Is it available in men's sizes?? Men support breastfeeding too :0)

Anonymous said...

When are you getting more stock? Would like to order!

Mike Brady said...

Please check back in the shop. The stock levels displayed are updated when further t-shirts are available.

Taeko said...

My shirt arrived today. I LOVE it and am wearing it already. Wish they had something similar or equivalent for my son to wear!

Anonymous said...

Desperately want these in every colour, medium, lady fit. Any idea when they'll be back in stock?

Anonymous said...

I'd like to order a shirt but they are all out of stock in my size :(
(large, slouch fit - though if you are getting more made I'd really like a lady fit, but in a size 18, which I see you don't have listed here...)